Banksy Graffiti: Political Graffiti

Banksy graffiti: Political Graffiti in Spokane

This photo was taken with my iPhone on Market and Central in Spokane. I was driving home from Valleyfest and this caught my eye.
Occupy Land

Political/Social Graffiti wall

Graffiti Sketches: Wildstyle Graffiti Vector

Wildstyle graffiti alphabet

Wildstyle graffiti letters

Graffiti art vector images

It’s always a lot of work to vectorise a style but there’s nothing better to have a clean sketch!

Graffiti Trains Kaser, Piero, Oper

Graffiti on trains Kaser, Piero, Oper
Benched in Minneapolis, MN. Source: flickr

Sinoe freight train graffiti north america. Charlie la graffiti king freight trains

Graffiti Freight Trains: Graffiti Alphabet Rinck

Graffiti freight trains

Graffiti on trains

Graffiti Trains

Trains with graffiti alphabet Rinck. write my name in graffiti Rinck

Find graffiti train more here.

Graffiti Alfabeto Gótico: Fuentes de la pintada

Alfabetos de graffiti

Letras de graffiti alfabeto

Etiquetas graffiti alfabeto

Fuentes de la pintada

Graffiti Sketchbook

Sketching graffiti in the book are common at doing the artists a beginner. Make graffiti on the proper place. So as not to disturb some people.

Graffiti Street Art by Truly-Design

Design example of graffiti murals by Truly-Design. Graffiti on the wall with some characters

Graffiti art on the walls