Graffiti Street Art Of Creating Illusions

Graffiti street art of creating illusion. Original paintings on the street is similar in nature

Graffti Illusion: 3D Graffiti Art

Graffiti 3D illusion above is from Japan. 3D graffiti is graffiti art as an example of interior design houses, graffiti on the illusion of design created by Yasuhiko Hayashi and Yusuke Nakano.

3D Graffiti Art

Graffiti Alphabet Instructions

Graffiti Alphabet Letters

Heavy dot indicates starting point
Punctuation shift = tap once (Write to exit a shift mode.)

Graffiti Sketches | Graffiti Alphabet Paper

Graffiti drawings Sketches. Cool graffiti-style letters

Graffiti Alphabet Asbiwo

Graffiti Alphabet Asbiwo - Write My Name In Graffiti

Tips and Advice on How To Make Graffiti Alphabet

Graffiti alphabet is a work of art. Like all other art, it takes time and practice. Start by using cheap paper and canvas other. Once you have mastered the alphabet, you can move on to a wall or a larger, more permanent canvas. examples like the image below:

How to Draw the Graffiti Alphabet Letters | New Graffiti

Drawing Graffiti Alphabet Letters

Graffiti alphabet letters can take a regular job or canvas and give it an urban twist, which allows the artist to stylize his words and give a unique meaning. Graffiti letters allows artists to put their spin on the style to help define their work from other artists. Graffiti letters often look stunning and complex, but most can be broken down into several simple steps.

Things You Need to prepare:
  • Pencil
  • Markers
6 Steps How to Draw Graffiti Alphabet Letters:
  1. Draw graffiti alphabet you want to write on your canvas with a pencil. Do not take anything fancy or bubble letters, just write a letter in the canvas you leave a big gap between private letters.
  2. Use a marker to go to the pencil line. This will be your primary color. Your base color is the color on the inside of your letters. You can make this as small or as large as you want.
  3. Draw additional layers with your bookmarks to your graffiti alphabet letters are big and fat looking and has filled the space between one another. Trace the outside of the letter with your bookmarks until they are as fat as you want them.
  4. Use a darker color than your base color to the shade side of your letter. Very light to go to the edge of your letter that you've just completed about a bookmark wide around the letters so that when you draw a line in your letter will stand in contrast line more than it will on the basis of color.
  5. Draw a line on your graffiti alphabet letters. Use colors that contrast with the basic colors so that the outline will be more prominent and make your letter seem to jump off the wall.
  6. Select the direction of light sources. The most common would be either the left or right to graffiti letters. Once you know where you want your light source, take a color darker than your base color (you can use a mixture of colors that you used previously or using a darker color) and interesting shadows over your papers. Add shadows by placing the dark lines along the edge opposite from the light source you. So, if you use the right as the light source, you want to add additional lines on all the left edge of each letter. You can make shadows longer or shorter depending on how the three dimensions of the letter you want appears. Project completion will have such a big bubble letters with contrasting colors that reflect the urban graffiti found in most cities.

Tips and Warnings How Tag Graffiti Alphabet

Graffiti Alphabet Letters A-Z

Tips and Warnings How Tag Graffiti Alphabet:
  1. Draw lightly so you can easily delete rows.
  2. Use the marker only after you have finished making sketches.
  3. Take your time and careful with your line thickness.
  4. Do not tag on the wall without first checking the local laws and get permission. There are many ways to express a legal graffiti art, so respectful and always get permission (preferably written) before practicing tagging private property.

How to Tag Graffiti Alphabet Letters

Graffiti Alphabet A-Z

Graffiti street art does not always have to be done outside. You can learn the alphabet by practicing your tag in the paper, adding slowly grow, and develop your own style. Many people start with a tag write my name in graffiti, but to fully develop your style, start by tagging alphabet.

Things You Need to prepare:
  • Pencil
  • Eraser (either vinyl or crushed)
  • Mixing equipment
  • Book sketcher
  • Markers
Step 1:
Using sketchbooks and pencils, explore and take impressions style. Are Asian, Indian, Persian, or Arabic, thinking dynamically as you move smoothly. Think dramatic. Your tag is your signature, and only when you learn to sign a check, you should feel comfortable. Make sure that you can still read the alphabet.

Step 2:
Add the element tag by deleting the final letter. You can add an arrow to give a sense of direction. Add the developing world such as spinning or complementary to the structure of the letter. Symbols can be added to your alphabet as well.

Step 3:
Because the letters are so important, it is important to develop a pattern of letters. The best place for beginners is with the bubble letters. Use a circular motion which is different from the wrist to the paper. Letter overlapping but not connected.

Step 4:
After sufficient sketches, using strong lines to outline the letters with markers. Use dark colors to add a shadow, and third, to add a lighter color of light, like stars, or light sources. Because the letters are fat, you can add extra symbols or writing on the papers. Use lowercase letters to write, or symbols specific to you.